Hey Guys, My name is Ms. Alisha and I am the creator/founder/owner of The So-Kai Clubhouse. At So-Kai we strive to provide a fun learning environment for you and your kiddos to learn and grow together through Kindermusik, themed educational playdates, Art classes, and summer camps.

So-Kai Unlimited LLC

  • Is God Centered
  • Focuses on Community Service
  • Donates and Tithes
  • Creates an atmosphere where everyone can feel safe and a sense of belonging.
  • Tries to develop talents and gifts of teachers, staff, educators, etc. that work at or with So-Kai
  • Strives to share enriching educational, spiritual, and family oriented activities.

I became a licensed Kindermusik educator in 2010 after being laid off from my job and feeling God calling me to do this instead. I had never attended a Kindermusik class prior to becoming a licensed educator but always had peace in my decision. This is definitely my passion and I am more than thankful that I get to do “this” every day! My personal mission statement is to enhance my beliefs and the beliefs of others through creativity and humor. So-Kai allows me to do just that through our various offerings.

After holding classes for 3-4 years I started noticing a theme in conversations amongst parents in my classes; that many found parenting lonely. Putnam County seems to have a lot of people that move in and out of the area and many of them didn’t know anyone or have any family nearby. I started praying about it and felt God calling me to create a space where families could learn, grow, and make memories together.  This is still my motivated me to take the leap and branch out into a rental space. This is still my motivation and So-Kai is still very much a passion project between myself and God.

I started out only offering Kindermusik classes under the name, Kindermusik with Ms. Alisha. But I added a variety of options in 2014 when I moved into my first location thus, I changed my business name to So-Kai Unlimited LLC. My husband and I came up with the name over lunch one day. Kai, is a shortening of the word Kaizen which means change for the better or continuous improvement. So, is a shortening of the word Social. So-Kai is a place to improve/expand the social life/community of you and your kiddos; it has limitless potential.  Just like God’s love for us is limitless and his dreams for us are huge!

My daughter Riley, who was 7 at the time, mentioned that she had always wanted to be a member of a club. Being that it was a goal to provide a space where people could feel that they are included; that they belong.  The Clubhouse portion of the name was added.

My husband and I adopted our 16 year old nephew in 2016 and we decided it was best for our family to slow down a bit. Thus, we closed up shop and I started once again holding classes at local churches. In 2018, I held classes at St. John, Winfield Nazarene, Cross Lanes United Methodist, and periodically at Winfield Baptist.

In 2019 I started taking steps to become a non profit. I see So-Kai as a ministry and becoming a nonprofit will help us to continue to offer all events, classes, and activities at a low cost or possibly even free.

The opportunity to move into a space at the Commons Building at Valley Park presented itself and God more or less provided the money via mini grants and a generous anonymous donor. So once again I followed his lead and everything has been falling into place ever since. It is a very exciting time of revitalization of the space with many wonderful people opening up shops and a restaurant in the building. The most exciting part for So-Kai is that we have been able to bring back some favorite offerings of the past that have been on hiatus for a few years.  

So-Kai offerings:

  • Kindermusik (Learning through Music and Movement; incorporates activities that focus on Cognitive development, rhythm, balance, fine and gross motor skills, & Language Development)
  • Art Classes (Messy Masterpieces for littles, Kidz Art for School Aged Kiddos & Art for All Ages)
  • Educational Themed Playdates & Camps  (Themed playdates that include creative learning & sensory stations, art, crafts, music, games, & more)
  • Messy Musik (Music and art playdate)
  • Praise & Play (Mini VBS; faith based songs & art/crafts)
  • Parties/Events (rent out our space for your party or event; incorporate Kindermusik, Art, Crafts , etc. Or invite us to come to an outside location)
  • Creative Fundraising (incorporate art or crafts into your fundraiser)
  • Private Playdates (schedule a playdate at our location; invite Ms. Alisha to your group or school)
  • Craft Kits (we sell craft kits for kiddos locally and through a subscription box program)

I have so much love and appreciation for my customers and supporters over the years and I hope to see you in person or online soon!